Claire’s Removes Children’s Makeup Kits After Reported Positive Asbestos Tests

Claire’s Stores Inc. removed nine children’s makeup products from store shelves after a report by WJAR-TV that tremolite asbestos was found in various Claire’s kits. Claire’s released a statement, saying that initial testing found the cosmetics to be asbestos-free, but that “out of an abundance of caution, additional testing is underway.” Claire’s further stated that the talcum powder used in its products is from a certified asbestos-free European vendor.

A Rhode Island mother was the first to report the potential problem. Kristi Warner, an attorney with the Deaton Law Firm, had just received training about the dangers of asbestos and talc and saw her daughter using Claire’s products. Warner sent the product to Sean Fitzgerald, who had trained her firm about the dangers of asbestos. He conducted testing and found “high levels of asbestos.” Fitzgerald then conducted further testing on various Claire’s products, which also revealed high levels of asbestos.

Claire’s has issued full refunds to customers and has no plans to put the products back on the shelves until additional testing is complete.



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