Significant Verdict Against Valve Manufacturers in Erie County NY

NEW YORK — A verdict totaling almost $7 million was rendered today in Buffalo NY.  Plaintiff, James Stock, is 60 years old and claims to have had asbestos exposure causing his mesothelioma in the late 1970’s early 80’s while working in a factory.  A verdict was reached against Remaining defendants Jenkins (50%) Bell & Gossett (12%), Warren (12%) and Crane (14%).  Damages included  past pain and suffering – $4.5 Million, future pain and suffering – $1.5 Million (over 1 year), loss of present earnings – $66,000, Loss of future earnings – $400,000 (over 6 years), loss of consortium – present – $50,000 and loss of consortium- Future $450,000 (over 22 years).


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