Judge Hitting Mallet On Dollar

$23 Million Verdict Awarded in Mesothelioma Case Against Valve Manufacturer

Jurisdiction: NYCAL

A Manhattan jury handed down a $23 million verdict Dec. 21 in a living mesothelioma case brought by the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg. 

The jury awarded compensatory damages to 81-year-old plaintiff James McWilliams, designating $13 million for past pain and suffering and $10 million for future pain and suffering.

Mr. McWilliams was a career union steamfitter for Local 638 in New York City. 

The trial began in November before Justice Suzanne Adams. The six jurors found a valve manufacturer 90-percent liable and assigned the remaining 10 percent of liability to Johns Manville.  Following the verdict, the valve manufacturer indicated its intent to file post-trial motions pursuant to CPLR 4404. 

The valve manufacturer filed a notice of discovery and inspection Dec. 23, seeking copies of the individual settlement agreements between Mr. McWilliams and settled entities.