Two Brake Manufacturers Prevail on Summary Judgment Based Upon Lack of Causation

WASHINGTON — In another decision in a case heavily reported by this Asbestos Case Tracker, the Western District of Washington granted summary judgment for Standard Motor Products (SMP) and Parker-Hannifin (collectively EIS). With regard to those defendants, the plaintiff alleged that decedent was exposed to asbestos while performing maintenance on his automobile brakes from 1996 to 1997. SMP and Parker moved for summary judgment based upon a lack of product identification.

In response to those motions, the plaintiff argued that the decedent was exposed to EIS brakes. Upon reviewing the testimony, the court found that the evidence offered by the plaintiff suggested that decedent may have used EIS brakes at unspecified times, but the testimony did not show that the plaintiff worked with asbestos-containing EIS brakes. The court, therefore, ruled that there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate causation had been established, and granted summary judgment for both SMP and Parker.

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