Oregon Jury Finds Against Gasket Manufacturer, Awarding Plaintiff $5 Million

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The plaintiff in this case, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma, maintained dry kilns and boilers with asbestos gaskets sold by Mar-Dustrial, which denied selling products to the mill where the plaintiff worked from 1969-2000. The jury disagreed with Mar-Dustrial, and awarded the plaintiff $3.25 million for pain and suffering and $1.75 million for loss of consortium. Mar-Dustrial was the only defendant left at trial, and was assigned 22 percent of liability. The plaintiff called Dr. Carl A. Brodkin as an expert; no experts testified on behalf of Mar-Dustrial. The plaintiff was represented by Walters Kraus & Paul, and Swanson, Lathen, Alexander, McCann & Prestwich, P.C. Mar-Dustrial was represented by Bruce White & Associates.