Court Lacks Specific Jurisdiction Where Complaint is Devoid of Allegations that Injury Arose Out of Defendants’ Contacts with State

The plaintiffs’ complaint alleged that John Clark was exposed to asbestos from the defendants’ products while serving in the U.S. Air Force and during his employment at McDonald Douglas and Boeing. Multiple defendants made motions to dismiss, arguing that the District Court lacked jurisdiction over them. The plaintiffs failed to file timely responses to any of the motions and the court used it is discretion to construe the plaintiffs’ failure to do so as an admission of the merits of the motion. In granting the motions, the  court noted that the plaintiffs’ complaint was devoid of allegations that the plaintiffs’ alleged injuries arose out of or relate to the defendants’ contacts with Illinois. As such, this court lacked specific personal jurisdiction over the claims against the defendants and the action was dismissed.

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